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Eretz Israel? Or the Land Free from Jews

Problem: How to catch a lion in the desert? Jewish solution:

  1. Build a big, strong and comfortable cage.
  2. Bring the cage into the desert.
  3. Enter the cage and safely lock the door.

There are other ways...

WebWarper is a free Web service that:
    1.  Saves your traffic in 1,5-3 times with help of gzip.  More about saving traffic...
    2.  Saves traffic in 10 and more times in super-dense mode.  More about super-dense mode...
We recommend this mode for the owners of mobile phones.
    3.  Provides antivirus protection.  More about antivirus...
    4.  Assures anonymity: your IP address becomes invisible.  More about anonymity...
Anonymous posting messages in forums / guest books is not allowed!
    5.  Can accelerate your access to sites in some situations.  More about acceleration...

Sorry, WebWarper cannot recognize your Web-browser. The internal identifier of your browser (User-Agent) is:
        "CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)".
Your browser "claims", that it does support gzip-format of HTML pages. However, WebWarper is not sure, that the compressed pages will be viewed correctly.
Please try to use WebWarper: maybe everything will be ok.

Please note:
    A.  WebWarper shows advertisement.  More about turning ads off...
While advertisement is not turned off, WebWarper service is ineffective in most cases!
Please read more about turning ads off before using WebWarper service.
    B.  You may ask: "How can I get rid of WebWarper?"  More about removing it...
This question usually arises when you use webwarper.exe utility. The simplest way to restore the standard browser behaviour is running disableWW.reg file. Click here to learn more...

Completely disable WebWarper advertisement!

Do you want to measure the economy provided by WebWarper? Just click here!

Do you want to add the same form to your site? Insert this HTML into your page.

Do you want to automate using WebWarper? Please visit our Free Downloads page.

Web-site optimization:
more convenience for your users
and up to 10,000 new visitors for you

We offer you:

  1. saving traffic in 1.5-3 times for your site visitors;
  2. antivirus protection for your site visitors;
  3. assurance of anonymity of your site visitors;
  4. acceleration of access to your site for some visitors.

The visitors, that leave your site following the links published on your pages, stay using WebWarper. So, if some sites referred from your pages have viruses, your users remain protected. Also they will continue to use saving traffic and anonymity on that sites.

In fine, every optimized site gets a free bonus:

  1. up to 10,000 new unique visitors.

Click here to learn more — why do you need to optimize your site?

How to optimize the site? It's very easy.

Variant A

Get HTML code and paste on your HTML page (for example, the home page of the site) between <head> and </head> tags.

That's all!

Since that moment, your visitors will see your site through WebWarper, with features listed above.


Variant B

Get HTML code #1 and paste on your HTML page between <head> and </head> tags.
This HTML code disables WebWarper advertisement.

Then get HTML code #2 and paste it at some suitable position on your page.
This HTML code offer your visitors a link allowing to view your site with / without WebWarper, and also a little description of the "saving & secure" viewing mode.

If your users don't like such viewing mode, they always can view the site in a usual manner.

You may change the text and design of the link and description at your opinion.

Variant C

It is a combination of the variants A and B. You can use HTML code from the variant A and also place HTML code #2 from the variant B somewhere on your page. Then, by default, your visitors will see your site through WebWarper (as in the variant A). At the same time, they will be able to switch the viewing mode — through WebWarper or without it (as in the variant B).

In all variants, additional WebWarper advertisement is automatically disabled for your site and, during 1 hour, for other sites, visited through links published on your pages.

Warning! The described optimization will not work until you will publish your site on the stable Web-address (for example, while you are developing the site on the local server localhost or

Please inform us when you will correct your site. From our side, we'll try to provide the following in the nearest time:

  • if you choose the variants A or C for optimization:
    • 10,000 new unique visitors for your site, if you have 2,000 visitors per day or more;
    • 5 * k unique visitors, if your daily popularity is k = 10...2,000;
  • the link to your site at this page.

The visitors for your site are provided by opening new browser windows (pop-under). Adult sites and sites containing illegal materials are not considered.

Any questions? Please contact us!

The links below are optimized by WebWarper. Now you can search an information in the Internet with saving traffic and antivirus protection. Moreover, all sites, found in optimized directories and search engines, will be also optimized.

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  AlgART Web Studio — websites creation and support
  Iskrael — our Jewish community “Nitzotz-Machanaim” in Karmiel

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Daniel Alievsky
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